Managing a COVID-19 case

It is important to know what to do if you have a positive case within your club or Provincial Union.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has information to help you to understand what will happen if your Gathering/Event or workplace has a positive case of COVID-19 and becomes a location of interest. 

In the event a Club is contacted by the MOH, or a Club has notified the MOH of a positive case at their gathering or event, Minstry of Health guidance must be followed. Clubs are also requested to notify the Provincial Union (PU) as soon as possible.

Guidance for workplaces with staff impacted by Covid-19 | Ministry of Health

Note: in this guidance, Business may also be read to mean Club; Employees may also be read to mean Club members (including players and coaches etc); and Visitors may also be read to mean Spectators.

Contact tracing at a gathering/event

It is important to ensure that you follow contact tracing protocols at your Gathering/Event so those exposed to the case can be easily contacted. Experience shows that maintaining manual attendance registers is enabling more rapid responses than relying on the COVID Tracer App.

When a club/Provincial Union becomes a location of interest

It is important that you consider what you would need to do if you become a location of interest while planning for your event or gathering. It is much easier to plan for this before it happens, so do take time to consider factors such as: 

  • Who and how you would notify staff members and gathering/ event participants.
  • Forming a location of interest register so you can record relevant information if you become one. 
  • How you would identify a single point of contact as a liaison point for the Ministry of Health 
  • How you will mitigate your chances of becoming a location of interest as much as possible i.e. regular deep cleaning and high hygiene standards, using signage and announcements to communicate your expectations to attendees, improved airflow and ventilation, face mask use and ensuring contact tracing and My Vaccine pass requirements are adhered to.   

Activity at the location of interest should not resume until clearance to do so is received from the MOH. The PU should also be informed immediately when the MOH clearance is received.

Individuals testing positive

If an individual in your Club tests positive, advice for them can be found on the Ministry of Health website. 

Advice for people with COVID-19 | Minstry of Health


Updated 25 February 2022