Rugby at the heart

Short-term Stakeholder Investment (SSI)

Rugby clubs around New Zealand are at the heart of our sport. We want to ensure that everyone who interacts with rugby has a positive experience and that starts with welcoming facilities, environments and financially stable clubs in our communities.

As part of our monumental partnership with Silver Lake, we have set aside funding within the Short-term Stakeholder Investment (SSI). This contribution to our clubs acknowledges the work they do in our communities and builds financial stability into the rugby system.

New Zealand Rugby has allocated $7.5 million to this investment fund for distribution to community rugby clubs across the country.

Who is eligible?

  1. Community rugby clubs who have fielded at least one team in a full season competition in at least three out of the last five years (2018-2022), and are still active (e.g. committee meetings, club events held etc.).
  2. Community rugby clubs need to be, or are part of, an incorporated society, or have registered charitable status  (therefore having a documented purpose related to delivering community rugby).
  3. Community rugby clubs need to be a current member of a Provincial Union.

Please note: Junior and Senior rugby clubs are treated as one club.

Club entitlement and tiering

The amount that a club is entitled to receive, is based on its size, which is determined by the number of players.

Player numbers are calculated using the average number of registrations a club has had across each of the seasons it has fielded at least one team in the past five years.

Please note: 2019 registration data will be used in 2020 due to COVID-19 disruption.











How the application and funding works

There are two ways that clubs can participate in the SSI.

  1. The Community club pass-through process

This is where Community clubs apply for their SSI funding to be given directly to their club.

  • Clubs complete submission form
  • Provincial Union validates club entitlements and confirms with NZR
  • NZR provides funds to Provincial Union for distribution to clubs.
  1. Provincial Union Collaborative Approach

This is where a Provincial Union works with Clubs to group SSI investment for the combined benefit of those clubs, either directly or indirectly. Clubs may opt-in or opt-out.

  • Clubs complete submission form
  • Clubs opt into collaborative approach via submission form
  • NZR provides funds to Provincial Union for investment into the collaborative approach

Please note – if your Provincial Union is not running a Collaborative approach, you will not have the option to opt in on the submission form.

Where are clubs required to apply the investment?

  • Initiatives which grow the game or make clubs more welcoming
  • Assets
  • Facilities
  • Equipment and uniforms

What can the investment not be used for?

  • Team support staff
  • Trips
  • Paying or supporting players

How do submissions get approved

  • Provincial Unions will assess submissions on a monthly basis.
  • Provincial Unions provide lists of approved clubs to New Zealand Rugby for investment.

More information

If you have any questions about your eligibility or the process of funding, please get in contact with your Provincial Union and check the below Frequently Asked Questions.

Community Club Short-term Stakeholder Investment Frequently Asked Questions [PDF 62KB]